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What North Korea is really like, according to a Westerner who has visited regularly since 1993

Mystery surrounds death of 'tortured' American held in North Korea It was the first North Korean film to be shown to a public audience in South Korea. I was rather nervous when we had the Q&A after the screening but never anticipated the first questions or perhaps statement was from a middle aged man who stood up and said” It’s nice to know Mother in Laws in the North are the same as they are in the South!” What is the best thing about North Korean culture?  It would have to be the arts, from dance, theatre to fine arts. Fine art education is based on rigorous academic training only in a socialist realist style (no abstract art allowed). Within this rather limited scope the artists still produce the highest quality work- and there is so much talent that if given the right vehicle it can be expressed. It is, after al,l how the contemporary Chinese artist were trained. What do you hope people will take from the book? The book obviously has a visual appeal but it also provides small vignettes into North Korean life, for example on how the country dresses itself up to show foreigners that ‘My Country is Best’ (a slogan found on North Korean buses) but also on how it went about packaging rather dull goods in fanciful ways- with very little input from outside influences. Nothing is perhaps quite as it seems. I am based in Beijing and have been visiting most months since 1993 so it is all pretty normal in its abnormal way.

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Trains, boats and planes: Kim Jong-un's modes of transport

Kim Jong-un arrives in Dalian In November 2009, conservative South Korean daily Chosun Ilbo said that Kim Jong-il's armoured train featured around 90 carriages. The train had conference rooms, audience chamber and bedrooms, with satellite phones and televisions installed for briefings. According to North Korean news reports, Kim Jong-il died aboard his official train while on his way to an inspection visit outside Pyongyang. Image caption There's plenty of room aboard Mr Kim's train, but only if you are a fan of coral-coloured armchairs Commenting on KCTV footage of the train in 2011, a source told Chosun Ilbo that the predominantly white furniture appeared to be "custom-made by foreign artisans using top-quality materials". Kim Jong-un's train features similar furniture, but the sofas and armchairs now appear to be a luxurious coral colour. State media reports indicate that both father and son used the train to hold meetings during their international visits. Image caption Mr Kim's Mercedes did the taxi work on his visit to Beijing in March During his visit to Beijing, Kim reportedly used his personal Mercedes-Benz S-Class to travel within the city. According to South Korean daily JoongAng Ilbo, the car was specially transported on board the leader's train. The paper reported that the car, manufactured in 2010, cost roughly 2 billion Korean won ($1.8m).

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